Awards contribute significantly to the continuous progress and improvement of society. When acknowledging excellent performance in a community happens every year, it sets standards for everyone to see and accept. Besides, it inspires others to reach or surpass that standard the following year. Awards not only boost the winners’ confidence but also bring credibility and open new doors of opportunities. Here, we look at categories and those recognized in the 2022 Odoo Awards.

The Odoo awards were held on October 13 at Brussels Expo in Belgium during the annual Odoo Experience Conference. The 2022 conference marked the return of the awards ceremony to a life event. In the previous two years, winners received their awards virtually. The awards are categorized by region and community efforts. The represented areas include Europe, MENA, Latin America, North America, Africa, India, and APAC. Every region gets two awards, Best Starter, which goes to the new partners, and Best Partner, which goes to more seasoned partners.

Participants in the Odoo Awards are assessed based on business activity or the number of new users between July 2021 and July 2022. Other qualitative metrics are also part of the evaluation. These include certifications, the rate of retaining clients, and the relationship with Odoo. The Awards recognize the great work and commitment best Partners and Community members have demonstrated through their engagements.

Let’s look at the winners of Awards at the Odoo Conference in various categories:

Winners for the Community Category

Ivan Todorovich for the Best Contributor Community award

Erwin Van der for the Best Translator Community award

Regional Category Award Winners

1. Europe

Sostenia for the Best Starter award

QubiQ for the Best Partner award


City Art IT Solutions for the Best Starter award

Plementus for the Best Partner award

3. US

Techicanet in the Americas Best Starter award

Bista Solutions Inc in Northam Best Partner award

Vauxoo In Latam Best Partner award


PT Thinq Technology Milik Bersama for Best Starter award in the region

Port Cities International for Best partner award in the region

5. Africa

Best starter: Alpha Conseils for Best starter award in the African region

Moore Senegal Consulting for the Best partner award in the African region

6. India

Technaureus Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd for Best starter award in India

Prixgen Tech Solutions Private Limited for Best Partner award in India

The fact that the winners got nominations and won the award implies they have been doing a great job. The awards acknowledge their hard work to emerge as the best among many other participants in a highly competitive and growing environment. Besides rewarding and celebrating the excellence of members of the Odoo community during Conference, the event allowed the winners to engage and learn from other winners. They can now turn the awards into action by thinking of ways they can give back to improve the community

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