“We are so proud to reveal the agreement between DMC Automation and Muià Consulting, with their support we will be able to export our products to a bigger market” By Daniele Signoretta 

Toronto, ON. June 04, 2021 Muià has the pleasure to announce the agreement between Muià Consulting and DMC Automation made on April 1, 2021. “This is a milestone for our company, the result of hard work, difficult choices, but that is outlining a very precise path for Muia’ Consulting and its Partners. We are proposing ourselves to the market as the ideal partner for Italian companies in Canada, a “one stop shop” where companies can find everything they need to operate in Canada.” By Matteo Muia                                     

This union will allow both companies to capture new markets and adapt their portfolio to future businesses. As DMC Automation stated in its mission, they want to “provide a service and its unique product that meets the needs of the final customer by fully exploiting the maximum functionality, always based on intelligent technologies” which reflect the culture and identity inside of Muià Consulting.

With the expertise in product development and uses of technological tools to build services that are easy for the customer, Muià Consulting will out bring the scale of DMC products into a bigger scale while leading into a new market.

Thanks to this strategic business partnership between Canada and Italy, we established DMC Automation Canada Inc. based in Toronto, ON.

The next step in the following weeks according to CEO Daniele Signoretta would be “Among the many calendar commitments, there will be, before the end of the month, the official constitution and, as soon as the COVID limitations allow, the first visit of the CEO of DMC to define the first useful milestones to the company to freeze the industrial plan for the next 2 years.” 

DMC Automation is a technological manufacturing company with more than 40 years in the market of Automation and Robotics, Engineering, PLC, and Manufacturing. 

Muià Consulting is an Accounting Firm that specializes in cash flow management and business strategy, using technological tools to ease the day of their clients, giving them enough time to focus on their businesses. 


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