Did you know that there are programs available that provide financing up to $60,000 and mentoring for aspiring business owners aged 18 – 39?

Providing early-stage financing, mentorship and business resources Futurpreneur Canada helps aspiring entrepreneurs who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents currently living in Canada, aged 18-39, develop and launch successful businesses.

Futurpreneur makes it easier for business owners secure financing of up to $60,000, working in conjunction with Business Development Canada (BDC).

Applying for the program is as simple:

1.    Register for the Start-Up Program

2.    Provide information about yourself and the business idea

3.    Utilize the business resource center to create a draft business plan

4.    Futurpreneur will review the plan and make sure it meets the eligibility requirements

5.    Provide additional required supporting documentation

6.    Complete the Business plan

Once the application is reviewed, if accepted, financing and mentorship will be provided.

Futurpreneur then helps you take your business to the next level by providing continued mentorship for 2 years so you can focus on and strategically work on your business.

The ability to work with their team of in-house business experts as you move through the challenges of starting your business, will decrease your learning curve and help you gain insight and perspective.

Futurpreneur additionally will provide Networking opportunities and connections to local support partners in your area.

Starting a business can be challenging and exciting all at the same time. Let the experts at Futurpreneur support and guide you through your journey, from business idea to business success.

Our team at Muia Consulting  can assist with the application process and guide you through selecting the appropriate accounting platform for your unique business needs. We will assist you in structuring a monthly plan for your future accounting needs.

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