Not for profit

We are here to help you to have access to reliable books and reports, you will be struggle free for your next board meeting.

Your focus should be on moving your mission forward, not on keeping track of funds and expenses or paying employees. You can rely on us to handle your back-office functions while you focus on running lean to maximize your impact.


How complicated is it to manage the books between suppliers, orders, and inventory?
Kind of tricky, that’s why we are here.

Cash flow management can be difficult due to inventory flow fluctuation and tight margins.
This is the main reason why you need accurate books. What you need is an efficient accounting staff that can support you to improve your business.


No one can understand better than us how much technology is important.
As you we believe in innovation to succeed. We can assist you while you are satisfying your consumer needs.

Technology, unlike any other sector, expand rapidly and has a high level of pressure to innovate.
What you need is a team that can support you in your accounting tasks while you are looking for an investment or confirming your financial position. Our innovation is to help you with accounting while you are enriching the world with more fresh ideas.

Professional services

Just focus on making the most of your business. Don’t worry about the books we are here for it.

For service-based businesses, accurate invoicing and sales identification are critical.
With us, you can focus on running your business instead of taking care of daily accounting tasks.

Food and Beverage

If your passion is running a company and have a lot of clients, don’t waste time with bookkeeping and payroll. Concentrate on delivering outstanding service to your clients. We’ll do the rest.

Stop thinking about percentages and start to use your time to fill more seats.
People like you, running a restaurant, have enough things on the plate to take care of. We can do it for you.

Healthcare Organizations

We can help to pursue your interest in Healthcare. Don’t matter if is about infrastructure, research, or technology. We are here to support you.

Instead of spending time on books, use all your available time to improve research.
You need to eliminate disruptions when you improve lives through the services and products you offer or the technology you create.
We are the right team to improve your business.

Property Management

You are in charge of the buildings. Let us be in charge of your books.

You already have a lot on your plate, this is the reason why you need a financial back office to run everything smoothly. We know exactly what you need.

Foreign Subsidiaries

Do you finally decide to open a business in Canada? We are all you need.

It’s not easy to open a new office or recruiting remote employees in another country, it always comes with several accounting issues. As in the Canadian territory, we can guide you.

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