The fourth quarter of the year is quickly approaching and is a good time to sit down and review your finances for 2020 and plan ahead financially for 2021.
COVID has impacted many businesses and its impact on your business, good or bad, will probably be a conversation you should have with your accountant.
Government initiatives and programs were rolled out, extended, and updated. If you were pivoting or changing how you provided products or services to your customers, you may have missed some of the programs your business may be eligible for including:

  • Interest and penalty relief
  • Education property tax deferrals
  • WSIBpayment deferrals
  • Rent assistance for small businesses
  • Pausing commercial evictions
  • Employer Health Tax relief

Additionally, we can review your responsibilities should your employees be exposed to COVID-19 at work.
Here is a complete list of the programs available for businesses in Ontario.
If you are not completely sure of the true impact COVID had on your business finances, or are looking for a review of ways to cut cost, improve your bottom line and prepare for 2021, it is a good time to schedule a pre year-end review.
We are mindful of best practices for operating a business as the pandemic continues and are taking office appointments, but also have options for virtual meetings via zoom.
Contact our office at 647-493-0541 or visit our website.

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